Recommended Vineyard, Brewery and Artisan Tour Routes

You can charter Rosie, Belle, or Clementine (each seats 30) for a private tour of your own, on your own route. Have a smaller group? Our new van seats 14! Check out some of our favorite recommended routes below.

Southern Loop

Start with a delicious deli lunch on the patio and artisan shopping at Batesville Market, follow a scenic route for tastings at Afton, Cardinal Point, and Veritas Vineyards. For an extended day, add the beautifully constructed and landscaped Pippin Hill Vineyard to the start. Ask for a restaurant recommendation to complete your day.

Nelson 151

This famous Nelson County corridor is best enjoyed in a group on a trolley! We recommend Blue Mountain for lunch, Bryant’s for a rural cidery experience and truly unique brews, our exclusive speak-easy access at Wild Man Dan for expert beers you cannot get anywhere else, and Brewing Tree for a from-scratch dinner away from the hordes.

Artisan Shopping

A day of retail therapy, or incorporate one of these as a stop on a wine tour: Greenwood Antiques, Crozet Artisan Depot, Barn Swallow. Beautifully hand-made curiosities sure to spark joy. Visit the Art Box for your own supplies and to see their small gallery. Finish up at King Family for wine or Pro Re Nata for beer and an excellent food truck (Va wines and ciders are sometimes available too.)

Northern Gems

The ridges and lakes just north of Crozet are home to numerous treasures: Grace Estates, Knight’s Gambit, Mountfair, White Hall, and Stinson. Remember, you can call the schedule as you go with a private charter. We recommend picking three, spending at least an hour at each, and ending with the sunset at Knight’s Gambit or Grace, which are open later and may have live music and a food truck. Or enjoy discounts on food at Crozet Restaurants.

All Crozet All the Time

Maximize your time outside with this tight loop. For optimal quality per mile, we recommend: Pro Re Nata Brewery early to get an outside seat, followed by either King Family for great wine, rolling fields and a busy scene OR Pollak for a quieter setting by a lake. Finish your tour at Grace Estates, for wine, or Starr Hill, for beer, which are both open later and often host food trucks. Downtown Crozet has great dinner spots, and your wristband gets you a discount at most of them.

Far Fastnesses

If you want to let the wildest parts of our mountain country feed your soul, choose a route that takes you to the unbelievable views at Stone Mountain, Moss, and Kilaurwen. If you have time, enjoy a tasting in the botanical garden at Glass House. This is for those willing to wander off the beaten path and reap the reward of an unforgettable day. We will return you to your hotel or the eatery of your choice. Check out rider discounts.